Mystery side pain update (11/11/09)

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Post by RevSears on Wed Nov 11, 2009

Went to a specialist today, and his guess? (and it’s a new one) A pinched nerve in my spine. He says from the description of the pain , and the way it travels up and down an era indicates nerve pain, more news to come as I start having more tests. I’m trusting the Lord to figure this out, and thankful for your prayers!

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A new feeling

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Post by andrwfields on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:06 am

For the past couple of days, I’ve been feeling down with a bit of a cold. I finally decided that since I had a couple of days off, I would go and visit the doctor about getting some antibiotics.

Yesterday I had an appointment at 9:30 and the doctor was very nice. He was a friend of my wife’s family and we chatted about me being an EMT. Apparently he was for a while too, when he first came to the county. He wrote me a prescription for a stronger antibiotic than normal because of the work I do. Before he left, I asked him about a couple of other things. Basically, I asked if there was anything he could prescribe for weight loss and smoking.

Without hesitation he wrote me a prescription for Phentermine and Chantix. I went ahead and got everything filled even though the last two drugs weren’t covered by my insurance and were a bit costly. But it was worth it. I’ve never felt better in my whole life. I actually felt so good yesterday and today that I went out and did some walking exercise with my dog, and took Madix out to play at the playground for about an hour.

I want to praise God for helping me find a great doctor that trusts me and ask that you all pray that I keep feeling this good.

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Medical update/ continuing request for prayer

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Post by RevSears on Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:32 am

Tomorrow I go to a new Doctor up here in AK. I’m still having issues although they have mostly improved with the bile salts i’m taking. Since that’s over the counter i want a professional opinion. Still bleeding from body parts i should be :( (but today it’s because i didn’t take bile salts… i think)

Anyways, It’s a Praise God has granted us insurance, and a new doctor. Pray we get this figured out healed this time.

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Rev and BigH are in Alaska!

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Praise God! we are in Alaska!

Postby RevSears on Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:49 pm
As you know a lot keeps going on with us 🙂 we are never boring ! We fly in and arrived safely Saturday night. The first night was terrible. The Hotel we booked was over a bar (we didn’t know this) and it was rowdy and down town around several other shady locations. Unfortunately this same hotel was the one that studio apartments we were going to look at and were actually hoping we would get. It was nasty and terrible, and we were very stressed and worried. We barely sleep but God protected us there and guided us out the door to a Church where i had been e-mailing the Pastor. We shared with a Sunday school teacher our problem with our planned apartment, and while he did apologize for announcing it, I’m so thankful he did in both Sunday School and Church. Afterward someone came up to us with a small apartment for rent, he even let us have the cat (a major sticking point for us) and for a little extra cash is renting us his unused company cars for the winter. The blessing there is that combing the prices of renting the car, and the apartment, it what we were going to pay at the dirty noisy place by itself! Granted it’s a seasonal thing here, so come May we may be looking for another place, but what a blessing!

I’m on Bile salts, which right now have kept me from all but one attack, when i forgot to take one at a meal. This is huge evidence that it is my gallbladder! which is great because there has been a lot of doubt. We should have our insurance cards soon and off to the doctor i will go.

Did I mention my landlord is a christian and wrote a BOOK on David? pretty awesome huh? heather is getting used to work and enjoying it. My professors are being great with working me as I feel behind during the move. My major paper for the semester is already graded, 93% ! yay! Just lots of praises all around and i wanted to let you guys know! The net isn’t work great here just yet, we think it’s the laptop and my PC will be here Monday or Tuesday so maybe then and after i catch up more on homework i can hang on here and chat more.

God not only takes you through the valley’s but takes you to Heights you can’t imagine.

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Prayer Request for Darkwynter 8/22/09

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Hey, I just got word that my foster family….who I consider the same as biological family…….had to leave thier house. The house had been contaminated with mold and was causing health issues with the children and Mrs. Dianne. Mr.Mark got laid off last Christmass and has been without a job since. I know firsthand how hard this has been for him and the family. If you could add them to your prayers, I’d appreciate it. The thing is I have seen the Lord work in thier lives so many times I’m sure that this has pupose and will work out. But thats not to say this is not hard for them now…especially the children….all 12 of them. This reason alone is why the house they had was so special…..not many houses are built for a live in family of over 15. Right now they are being sheltered in a nearby church, but the facilities are not really designed for all of thier special needs. I’ll post up some pics later when I scan them in…but here is a link from a homeschooling article on them (This is over 5 years old and only shows about half of my brothers and sisters): … 6Watts.asp

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Prayer and Advice Request for RevSears 8/18/09

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As many of you know me and Heather have some finicial difficulities. Things didn’t go according to plan after we got married. I am very thankful for her and things are great with us, but man have we been on one hard trip! with my health problems (still holding up good at the moment, a big Praise!) It wasn’t in the plan to head back to my hometown so quickly. After I got here i Didn’t feel at home at all. The church i had left was taking a way more traditional route than ever before. At first i got the okay to do a bible study on saturday night, then that was turned down. Since then as my health has allowed i’ve redone a building on the farm. It’s an old cabin and not much but it was something! I contacted a ton of people and got a lot of positive response. Yes a few did back out (including a worship leader willing to travel for an hour cause he liked our style :( ) but things looked positive.

We were banking quite a lot on Heather getting a job close by. Well she can’t find one here. They just aren’t hiring. She nearly had one sommerset (an hour away) and after being HIRED they went back on her (even though she had signed a contract) and hired someone else. At best we are going to have to move somewhere in between a bigger city (like Richmond, Lexington) and drive back to keep 2nd chance alive.

2nd chance on the meantime has had 2 services so far. Or should i say has been scheduled to have 2. One whole family that was going to keep and help lead singing and everything, just stopped talking to me. I can’t help but feel that someone from my old Church (where they still go on Sundays) said something to them. There 3 maybe a couple of more people where vehemently against me for wanting to use more contemporary music, modern translation of the bible, and wanting to maintain the churches relaxed dress, and no passing the plate policy. There were probably some others went along but who knows. Some teenagers who were extremely excited have ditched me twice in a row. Granted the first one was because they were out of town school shopping. This past one was because of a local town festival they went to. Those all hurt because they were going to be definite. Even my family has just been busy they say.

I’ve been questioning oh closely i was listening to God’s will here. Did i jump the gun somewhere? This verse has now been echoing in my mind :Luke 22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no SWORD, let him sell his garment, and buy one. (NIV) I’ve shared before i know a lot of people that have been burned by Church hurt/ fights/ splits etc. here. I know a lot of youth that go to Churches that bore them to tears because they are forced to go. I know a lot of people who say they love God but just don’t go to church for some reason or another. I thought this could reach those people. It’s been my dream to see my town on Fire for God. I want to be a part of that, but maybe it’s not my place. Maybe i’m Like David wanting to build the temple y’know? Or maybe Satan is just really pissed off at me. (i’ve been told that’s a cuss word, sorry if it offends but here in the country it’s just fine :) Y’all)

I’ve always wanted to get out of the state or at least area. Alaska has been a neat little dream of mine. I’m doing school online, Heather has seen job openings up there. I’d really love to go. I kinda feel like if i don’t go now i’ll never get the chance again.

I’ve cried in prayer about it. I first looked at other churches around here. I want to be back serving in a church. I don’t have to be a pastor, asst, youth , or even a door holder. I don’t need a title. I just want to be somewhere i feel the Holy spirit, has great teachings, and I can do something to serve God and serve others.

We drove to a great Church up in Lexington Sunday cause we had slacked for a couple Sundays. The message felt directed right at me, Don’t give up! keep your passion! but i didn’t get the message to stay here or go. Just not to hang my head. Today heather took her licensing test (we will know if she passed Friday) To celebrate I suggested Italian ( i know we are poor but this was celebration!… and cheap Italian) but changed my mind we eventually agreed on Chinese ! my fortune cookie? “You are about to leave on a Pleasant Journey” or something very close to that, it’s in my wallet in the other room. So does God speak through fortune cookies?

I don’t think this is anything any of you can answer. I appreciate the many times you guys have let me vent on the boards. My life hasn’t been boring, but I can’t recall any of you telling me to hush that i’m just whining, and sometimes i have been.

This is really bugging me, and making me sick to my stomach just typing all this. I’m now even getting resistance from Family with getting 2nd Chance up and going. My parents threw a fit at me because i was going to take my expensive Tv and computer up to the building (for a screen!) I don’t to explain tot hem it was God’s anyways, he just let me use it :) But they don’t budge. Actually banning me from using some of the Farm equipment to move stuff. I’ve run into several problems like this. I don’t want to live on Family land anymore, it just is providing to many conflicts with people i Love. My parents are forgetting I’m on my own, i’m just a neighbor. That hurts me too cause i stayed here primarily to help them when Mom got Cancer. Now my Dad is sick w/ calcium deposits he sometimes gets in his mouth. His saliva gland burst as he tried to rip a stone out himself :( I had to haul him around today as he took the lord’s name in vain at the Nurses etc. Granted he was in extreme pain but i was so embarrassed. Regardless of what he says i just can’t believe he Knows Christ and I so want him too. I have to take him to surgery tomorrow, he should be okay after some removing of several of these stones. But we just don’t even act like we are from the same world most of the time.

I think i’ve had harder times, w/ the big d-word etc. Part of the effects of that still haunt me. It limits church options, it haunts me in this house of mine, and it makes me nervous about who i run into around town.

Wow! i’ve went on a long time about all this, and I may do more but I just can’t right now. I think i’m going to go lay back down and try to catch some sleep again.

Thanks for reading/praying or any combo of parts of the two!

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Prayer Request for BigH09 and RevSears 8/3/09

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Please pray for Sam and I because we are having financial difficulties. I have not been able to start a job yet even though I was hired for one company. They recently wrote me a letter that said that another candidate had taken the job. :cry: Now the people that are contracting me out to jobs are looking for one closer to home but so far they have not been able to secure one.

Some good news is that Sam has a second interview tomorrow for a hotel job. Hopefully he gets the job because it would help out some.

I take my certification exam at the end of the month, so please pray for that as well. I need to pass the first time through.

Also, please pray that Sam gets financial aid for school this semester!

Oh, and I am so excited that we are starting Second Chance this weekend

Prayer request from destros_elite 7/30/09

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Just got this from destros_elite

Hey Matt…another prayer request.  We are in Orlando on vacation and my daughter was vomitting all day yesterday and now has a fever of 101.  Please keep her in your prayers and my wife and I also that we will not get sick for the drive back to Virginia.

Prayer Request from destros_elite

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I just this instant message from destros_elite

I just received a phone call from my pastor that a dear friend of ours at church has just been rushed to the hospital witha possible stroke.  Her name is Twila.  She is only 43.  Please put her on your prayer list!  Thanks!


Niger Update 6.6.09

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Just got this from Chad this morning

Just got back from 2 nights in Dargol, a village in Niger. We are now in the capital of Niger, Niamey, and we are gearing up for a day off.

We will be heading back to Dargol on Monday. Things are going well, though the temperatures have been very hot. Just thought I’d send you all an update. I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance again on the internet until after June 14th.