Mission trip to Accra, Ghana : May26th-July28th

Hey all! This summer I am heading back to Africa, but this time to Ghana for two months. We will still be ministering to the Songhai people, but there are a few concerns:

– With all the snow we have had, my school will not be over until May 27th. Pray that God will work this out (or even allow me to miss those two days)
– Gomer Williams: he is now full-time over there without IMB support. Pray that he will be able to get funded after this year’s Lottie Moon offerings
– The Songhai people in Ghana. Ghana is a Christian nation, but the Songhai are Muslim. Pray that we will be able to spread God’s Word to them
– The youth group from New Orleans will be coming over May 28th to work with us. Pray that we are the leaders that they need as they are on mission with us

I am sure there is more, but I wanted to start with this :)

~ by themayor36 on March 1, 2010.

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