2 guys from Joecustoms have prayer requests

From DarkJedi:

I just found out my cousin, Robbie Vantine, has been in a serious car accident in Florida.

He is being treated at the Del Ray Hospital.

All I know is it was a one car accident, he was ejected, was unconscious at the scene, and possibly had a seizure.

Your thoughts and prayers are needed please…

From miragearmor:

I’m going to need prayers also…..

Not for me, but for a grandmother in her mid-80’s. She lives overseas. I just heard from a relative that our grandmother was comatose since early this morning. :-|

My folks aren’t back yet, but when they are, I’ll have to tell them about the news.

Guys, send a few prayers.down my direction.

~ by themayor36 on March 1, 2010.

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