Prayer request from Andy 12/12/09

An update to this prayer request

I’m not too sure on all of the details, but I know that Dan is on his way to the hospital right now. His wife, Annie who is a long-time friend of mine just called and was bawling her eyes out. She said that she woke up this morning and Dan was sitting alone in a chair. He told her that he wanted to kill or at least hurt himself and he wasn’t sure why. Annie is panicking and until a moment ago was stuck at home because they had no child care. I am standing by for the time being but I might end up traveling back to Louisville myself.

Dan is one of my best friends and I’m really worried for him right now. He’s been battling depression issues for years now, but this year has been the toughest on him. He was diagnosed with diabetes, his ex and mother of his first child is losing a battle to cancer meaning he might have another daughter living with him soon, and his father was recently released from the hospital for suicidal ideations as well. Even though he has been showing the classic signs of depression, he has not been accepting of help from others for it, and some people have grown angry with him and left his side during this time.

Please pray for Dan that he finds the guidance he needs through this cloudy part in his life, and let Christ shine His love on him. Also pray for his family and friends, especially his wife and daughters, who are taking up arms next to him to help him battle his way out of this.

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~ by themayor36 on December 21, 2009.

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