Rev and BigH are in Alaska!

Praise God! we are in Alaska!

Postby RevSears on Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:49 pm
As you know a lot keeps going on with us 🙂 we are never boring ! We fly in and arrived safely Saturday night. The first night was terrible. The Hotel we booked was over a bar (we didn’t know this) and it was rowdy and down town around several other shady locations. Unfortunately this same hotel was the one that studio apartments we were going to look at and were actually hoping we would get. It was nasty and terrible, and we were very stressed and worried. We barely sleep but God protected us there and guided us out the door to a Church where i had been e-mailing the Pastor. We shared with a Sunday school teacher our problem with our planned apartment, and while he did apologize for announcing it, I’m so thankful he did in both Sunday School and Church. Afterward someone came up to us with a small apartment for rent, he even let us have the cat (a major sticking point for us) and for a little extra cash is renting us his unused company cars for the winter. The blessing there is that combing the prices of renting the car, and the apartment, it what we were going to pay at the dirty noisy place by itself! Granted it’s a seasonal thing here, so come May we may be looking for another place, but what a blessing!

I’m on Bile salts, which right now have kept me from all but one attack, when i forgot to take one at a meal. This is huge evidence that it is my gallbladder! which is great because there has been a lot of doubt. We should have our insurance cards soon and off to the doctor i will go.

Did I mention my landlord is a christian and wrote a BOOK on David? pretty awesome huh? heather is getting used to work and enjoying it. My professors are being great with working me as I feel behind during the move. My major paper for the semester is already graded, 93% ! yay! Just lots of praises all around and i wanted to let you guys know! The net isn’t work great here just yet, we think it’s the laptop and my PC will be here Monday or Tuesday so maybe then and after i catch up more on homework i can hang on here and chat more.

God not only takes you through the valley’s but takes you to Heights you can’t imagine.

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