God wants you

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army4One.com was originally created as a Christian message board for G.I. Joe fans to discuss their faith, interests, and daily lives. As the board continues to grow we have become a site for people from all walks of life. No matter what your beliefs, hobbies, or personal interests may be, you’re welcome to talk here. All are invited to discuss God, G.I. Joes, books, sports, the news, politics, video games, movies, and any other subject that crosses your mind.


Blog update

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Well, the blog has been here untouched for a year and a half. Thinking about dropping it, or at least pruning it. I do like the links and stuff on the side, so it might be better just to have an introduction and prune the rest.

I doubt anyone will even read this, but figured it was time to do something.

Couple of prayer requests

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Hey guys! Things are going pretty Great I’ve been really enjoying my new job. It’s been busy lately but i thought i’d stop in sense i’m up really late doing a paper and needed some kind of break.

My friend Leah (yeah the one i’ve mentioned on here before) Her dad died yesterday morning in a car accident. Very sudden, and she was a bit like any girl, a daddy’s girl. She loved him dearly and it’s going to be hard on her and her mom Caroline so pray for them if you would.

We are getting ready to head out to Ky/OH for a wedding and will be traveling for the next week, so prayer for us .

and… Heather is now a whopping 20 days late. But the tests are coming up negative! oh the stress!


RIP galvatron10

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Saw this on joecustoms

deathwing wrote:galvatron10, also known as Troy Hartman, a good friend from the old college days has left us to join his Lord and Father. Troy was in a severe motorcycle accident april 1st and fought a long and hard battle, but last night his liver just gave out. Although he was not much of a joe fan, his Transformer collection was one for the record books. For those who came to dethcon a few years ago, you might remember him as the “little sort bald man”, that we poked fun at. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

lobo’s Grandmother

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Via lobo

My Grandmother had a heart attack last night.

She had a stent put in, and she’s in ICU now.

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Aegis at joecustoms may be getting divorced

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http://www.joecustoms.com/forums/viewto … 13&t=22251

Joecustoms member Aegis may be getting a divorce, and its not what he wants. Please pray that God works on his wife so that this will not happen. He is willing to do what it takes, but some of his past issues have pulled them apart.

Please say a prayer for Aegis when you can.
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Prayer Request from RevSears 3.1.10

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Hey everyone. I’d like you to say a quick prayer for me. I just finished one of my intensive 8 week classes. I’m down to a manipulable load w/ school and if put in for a couple of Jobs. The first one is a substitute teaching position, the only thing i’m waiting on is for them to get a hold of one of my past supervisors and it sounds like a go. I also put in for work at a youth detention facility. I’d be happy with either one, but I’d really like the 2nd one (something for the summer too) applications always make me nervous, especially since last summers total failure everywhere i applied.

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Mission trip to Accra, Ghana : May26th-July28th

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Hey all! This summer I am heading back to Africa, but this time to Ghana for two months. We will still be ministering to the Songhai people, but there are a few concerns:

– With all the snow we have had, my school will not be over until May 27th. Pray that God will work this out (or even allow me to miss those two days)
– Gomer Williams: he is now full-time over there without IMB support. Pray that he will be able to get funded after this year’s Lottie Moon offerings
– The Songhai people in Ghana. Ghana is a Christian nation, but the Songhai are Muslim. Pray that we will be able to spread God’s Word to them
– The youth group from New Orleans will be coming over May 28th to work with us. Pray that we are the leaders that they need as they are on mission with us

I am sure there is more, but I wanted to start with this :)